the EP

by clever clever

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released July 18, 2014

Gabe Fasciana - drums
Aaron Ferranti - vocals
Michael Hurst - guitar
Dave Senecal - bass, synth

Engineered and mastered by Eric Ritter @



all rights reserved


clever clever Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: from here
take me away to the farthest place from here.
i just need to get away. need some time to regret.
that all the simple things that are so dear.
take me away to the farthest place from here.
i need to sleep to get it out of me.
sweet little dreams might just explain the way i feel.
can’t tell if i’m asleep. take me away, far from here.
Track Name: changes
i’ll write this in black. we’ll ride all the way.
i’ll take it all back no matter what i say.
the frost paints on my windows. we’re going so fast.
the regrets we show will be the picture of our past.
i’d slow down if i could but i’m sick of treading water.
i’ll blast off so good that i’ll leave you last in fodder.
no pose, pure focus, we’ll last longer.
it’s all hocus pocus that makes our hearts grow fonder.
let’s look forward and ahead, the rearview mirror in the dirt.
the pedal push the tires through the tread.
let’s drive far from all we have hurt.
Track Name: me and you
we were lying there, out on the beach somewhere with you.
we let our dreams out there. it was just me and you.
we talked, sharing our time with the summer sun shining in the sky.
when we meet again i’ll lasso the sun and pull it down for you.
i want a little kiss just from the lips of you.
when i look into your eyes, i see your heart and it makes me smile.
i want a little kiss just from the lips of you.
we need a place to hide and make our dreams alive.
just me and you.
Track Name: shattered
this glass is empty and i want a refill.
this mirror’s vacant and i won’t see it.
this will all come in time.
ain’t it funny how we’re living in these strange times?
this mirror’s shattered, put it back for me.
time heals all wounds, you see.
my spirit’s shattered and my soul can’t speak.
it took all that i had.
this pact led me from the path.
this mirror’s shattered, put it back for me.